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Uganda 2021

SLE PhotoVoice Project

Uganda 2021

SLE PhotoVoice Project

Within our project study on the Sustainability Hot Spots (SHS) of the Irish potato value chain and the Nile perch value chain in Uganda we used photovoice within the exploratory phase to approach the research field. 

Uganda 2018 Work

"Fresh fish represents youth employment, in case they put in place good fishing practices."

In a first step, participants take photos with cameras on specific questions and in a second step analyze and reflect their data in a discussion (Jarldorn, 2019).

In our context, we wanted rural farmers/fisherfolk to express their daily realities in the context of their farming/fishing activities and capture a local understanding of sustainability and value. Therefore, the questions that guided the photovoice focused on their activities as farmers/fishers and their community, as well as on hopes and ideas for the future.

What are your hopes for the future of your work?
What is important for you as a fisher/fish trader and the fisherfolk community?
What are your hopes for the fishing sector?

This method was helpful to understand the challenges faced by stakeholders, especially in the production stage of the value chains. The topics that emerged, such as worries about biodiversity, economic concerns as well as claims in relation to gender and participation, formed the basis for the further course of the research.

The entire study is available here.


Text by: Eva Sophia Kirmes